Solar PV Panels

The price of energy has massively increased but panels have reduced in price.

Installing panels is the most efficient, economical, and long-lasting green resource.

Every project is different, but on a typical install full capital payback can usually be expected between five and ten years, after which time you will be benefiting from virtually free green electricity.

Solar Performance

Solar panels perform best on sunny days, but still produce plenty of electricity when it is cloudy. You can even add Battery Storage to smooth out low points in electricity generation.

Solar PV technology has improved massively over the last 10 years, with output increasing from 150w to 400w per panel!
If you installed panels some time ago you could double your output by simply and cheaply swapping the panels. If you are installing for the first time, make sure you are getting the very best panels from your installer.

We are MCS Certified

Sunpro Solar Ltd are proud to be MCS Certified (Certification Number: NAP-71170)

If you are interested in generating your own energy, it is important to use an MCS certified Installer so that the technology you choose is specified, installed and maintained correctly, MCS is a mark of quality.

The Perfect Roof

Historically, panels had a much lower output, so it was only worth installing them on ‘the perfect roof’. Now, with higher output, lower panel prices and higher energy costs it often makes sense to site them in the areas, B and C rated roofs, flat roofs (with frames), and even walls.

Smart export guarantee

With the Smart Export Guarantee, you can get paid for excess unused electricity. As part of a government initiative, if you generate your own electricity through renewable sources, like sun or wind, you can get paid for surplus energy. So, if you generate more electricity than you use in your home or business, and export it back to the grid, you could receive export payments. For more information on the Smart Export Guarantee, please contact us.